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There are a lot people passing along information and claiming that it’s life-changing or truth. You’ve seen their ads or heard their message, but something doesn’t line up – the message becomes unpopular or irrelevant in the passing years.

The Bible isn’t a passing trend. It is eternal truth that never loses it’s power in our world. For hundreds of years the Bible has been attacked, claimed as untrue, and attempted to be destroyed and yet we still hold it in our hands today. It’s because the Bible is more than just a bestseller, it’s God breathed – written by God Himself.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to its message. This is why Timeless Truths Radio Ministry was created, to celebrate the Word of God and its power to change our life. Join us each week as we publish God’s name, and love on His book through preaching and teaching. We believe that what God has to say is relevant for your life.



Bible Verses About God’s Nature

Great Bible verses about the nature of God and His character. When we open the Bible we learn a little more about Who God is, and what He has done for us.

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